Finnish Sauna

  • Temperature: 80-100°C
  • Room climate: dry
  • Pour water on the stones towards the end of the warming-up phase.
  • Recommended duration: 15-20 minutes of warming up, 20-30 minutes of relaxation.
  • 2-3 sessions


The bio-sauna differs from the Finnish sauna in two respects:

  • the humidity is higher at around 45%
  • the temperature is lower at around 60°C and consequently more easier for the circulation.
  • Recommended duration: approx. 20 minutes.

Provides a relaxing and regenerating effect at the same time. It encourages cleansing and purifies the skin, boosts circulation and supports the build up your body's own immune system. At the same time you can enjoy a fascinating view over the village under a starlit sky.

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Aroma steam bath

At approx. 45°C and a humidity of around 90%, you enjoy a pleasant and gentle inhalation bath for the care and cleansing of your body. The beneficial steam with a hint of stimulating herbs and blossom fragrances as well as the pleasant radiant heat - already known from Roman thermal baths as being a source of health and well-being - are also a joy for body, soul and spirit. The respiratory passages are purified, the circulation stimulated, muscle tension is relieved and the skin becomes supple and soft. The ideal duration for a steam bath is 10-15 minutes.


(operates only in winter)

Temperature approx. 50-60°C, low humidity. Bench heating approx. 38°C, wall heating approx. 60°C. After a short time the body is warmed up so that it is detoxified to an optimum level by intensive perspiration. The circulation is stimulated, the cleansing of metabolic waste is accelerated and the body's own immune system mobilised. Perspiring in the laconium also helps to relieve stress in a consistent manner. Cardiac activity is stimulated and blood pressure regulated. The result is a feeling of freshness and deep spiritual and physical relaxation. The duration of Laconium treatment is decided by your feeling of well being, but the cleansing effect already commences after 15-20 minutes.

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  • Aroma steam bath in Hotel Strasser, Zell am Ziller

Infrared cabin

The special technology facilitates an excellent perspiration reaction from 35°C, without straining the circulation. The radiation passed on from the warming plates ensures a fundamental and gentle warming of the skin and tissue beneath (approx. 4 cm). This warmth is passed on to the entire body through the circulation. An exceptionally beneficial process, which stimulates the metabolism and assures intensive inner and skin cleansing. The improved circulation activates the self-healing powers of the body, relaxes muscle tension, and relieves irritations of the joints and rheumatic complaints.

Heated bench

Enjoy the heated bench after a breath of fresh air!

Ice grotto and experience shower

In the ice grotto and in the experience shower you can cool your body after a sauna session with cold showers and crushed ice. This stimulates the circulation and close the pores of the skin.

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